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Azerbaijan is a hub of outlandish architecture masterpieces. With the perfect harmony of Eastern and Western architecture, the country is welcoming Australians with warmth and love.

Besides architectural milestones, the country is also an ocean of golden business opportunities and highly-skilled employees. An appreciable number of Australians visit Azerbaijan each year for business expansion and hiring skilled international talent and if you too are among those who have realized the immense potential of Azerbaijan's markets, we can help you out in every possible way. 

In this article, we’ll look at how to apply for Azerbaijan work visa in Australia, including documentation and the process of applying for an Azerbaijan work visa.

What is an Azerbaijan Work Visa?

Expanding in overseas markets has much more than it meets the eyes. The complicated formalities, receiving work and resident permits, trade licenses, and lots more require a perfect team, who can handle tasks with the utmost proficiency and help you meet your organization's objectives.

In such a situation, an Azerbaijan work visa comes as a rescuer. A work visa is a permit that allows the holder to enter Azerbaijan for employment purposes, like hiring international employees. This type of visa is extremely useful as it provides access to global employment markets and helps you handpick the best talent from all around the globe.

Documents Required for an Azerbaijan Work Visa

Since a work visa is concerned with hiring foreign employees, the employer, as well as the employee, has to submit a set of documents to the High Commission. A foreign employee needs to get a temporary residence and work permit in Azerbaijan and the following are the other documents to be submitted for obtaining an Azerbaijan work visa.

  1. An application form containing accurate personal, professional, and travel details.
  2. A document stating the educational qualifications of the employee.
  3. Identity-related documents of the employee.
  4. The work history of the employee for the past 5 years.
  5. A health certificate of the employee declaring that he’s not infected with Hepatitis B/C or HIV.
  6. A passport valid for at least 6 months.
  7. A document certifying that the employee has the right to stay in Azerbaijan.

If you’re facing any problems regarding the Azerbaijan work visa application, you can get in touch with the experts at Azerbaijan Visa and we’ll be extremely happy to serve you with the best solution.

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Azerbaijan Work Visa Process

You can easily apply for an Azerbaijan work visa using our website. The website has an incredibly simple user interface and a visa can be applied for through 3 easy steps. 

Here is the Azerbaijan work visa application process.

Fill out the Application Form

You may start your application by simply selecting your citizenship and living country, after which you’ll see the available visa options that you can choose from. Select Work Visa from these options and proceed to the application form. Fill out the application completely and proofread it to ensure all the information is correct.

Finally, upload the documents asked for in the application form.

Visa Fee Payment

To submit the form, you need to pay the visa fee. Our server accepts payments through credit/debit cards and Paypal. We use 100% secure payment gateway integration to ensure maximum security for our clients. 

You’ll receive a fee payment notification on successful payment and an application ID will be generated. This ID is important for future use and thus, it is important to save it somewhere safe.

Receiving an Approval

Your part in the visa process is over here and now it’s our turn. Our team has received over 500k approvals for their clients and is looking forward to serving you. You can check your visa status through our website using the application ID generated in the last step. 

Once your visa is approved, you can download it and fly to Azerbaijan.

In The End

We hope that this article could help you apply for an Azerbaijan work visa. You can contact our experts to know more about the process. Wishing you luck with Azerbaijan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We deal in all types of Azerbaijan visas, be it tourist visas, business visas, or work visas. You can get in touch with us through the mail or chat and get expert guidance on the suitable type of visa that you should go for.

The visa fee for an ordinary visa is USD 100. It holds a validity of 30 days and allows one-time entry only. You can use our website to apply for a visa as our processing time is merely 3-4 days.  

A work permit is initially issued for a period of 1 year. However, you can apply for a renewal after your permit has expired i.e. after one year. This extension is allowed for a maximum of 4 times. Contact us for more details regarding work permits.

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