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Azerbaijan is predominantly a Muslim country. With over three-fifth Shi’i and one-third Sunni population, Pakistani nationals love to visit this country because of impeccable home-like vibes and unforgettable hospitality. 

If you’re planning to visit Azerbaijan in 2022, this article is something that you shouldn’t miss out on as it explains in-depth the varied aspects of an Azerbaijan online visa for Pakistan citizens and helps you understand how you can apply for an Azerbaijan visa in less than 10 minutes.

Can a Pakistan Citizen Apply for an Azerbaijan E-Visa?

Like many foreign nations, a traveler from Pakistan can also apply for an Azerbaijan e-visa, or what the country calls an ASAN Visa. This is an electronically-issued visa that permits entry only once i.e. single-entry visa and thus, if you’re visiting the country for motives like tourism, meeting a family member, or a business meeting, an e-visa should be your go-to option in 2022. 

An Azerbaijan e-visa not only eliminates the hecticness of rushing to your local embassy but also extends superb convenience as all the steps from application to approval are digitalized by the Republic of Azerbaijan. You can fly to Azerbaijan by simply downloading the visa after approval and presenting it at the immigration.

Azerbaijan Online Visa Pre-Requisites

Now a question arises - can all Pakistani nationals apply for an Azerbaijan e-visa? Well, the Azerbaijan immigration authority has listed some prerequisites that every Pakistani national must fulfill to apply for an Azerbaijan online visa. These requirements are extremely common for international travel.

Here are the prerequisites.

  1. You must hold a valid passport with a validity of a minimum of 6 months starting from the date of arrival in Azerbaijan. If your passport is getting expired before 6 months, make sure to renew it before submitting an Azerbaijan e-visa application form.
  2. A Pakistani citizen is supposed to have a clear digital copy of his passport’s biographical page to be uploaded on the visa portal.
  3. In the case of dual-citizenship, the passport used for filling in the Azerbaijan visa application form must also be used for presenting at the immigration. Using a different passport will make your visa invalid.

It is important to stay prepared with all the requirements for applying for an Azerbaijan visa. Azerbaijan E-Visa understands the situations and requirements of every traveler and guides them to get a visa as earliest as possible. Our current average approval time for an Azerbaijan visa is 3-4 business days, explaining to the world why we’re the #1 Azerbaijan visa consultants in the world. 

Our experts are available on chat as well as by mail 24x7. You shouldn’t hesitate to get expert guidance and make your dream trip to Azerbaijan a reality.

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Eligibility for an Azerbaijan E-Visa

Azerbaijan grants visas to a Pakistani national based primarily on his purpose of visit. An e-visa can be obtained only for the following purposes.

  • Tourism 
  • Business trips
  • Educational trips/ academic purposes
  • Short-term medical treatment 
  • Attending a business meeting or seminar
  • Cultural exchanges
  • Science trips
  • Humanitarian

It must be noted that all the above-mentioned purposes must be non-monetary motives i.e. they should not generate any profits. In order to involve in a financial trip, the traveler needs to obtain a work permit and temporary residence permit

An additional point to consider here is that the recipient of an Azerbaijan e-visa must return within 30 consecutive days of stay. If your trip is for more than 30 days, you need to visit your local embassy or consult an expert for further steps.

The Final Verdict

Azerbaijan is among the most magnificent countries in the world. A dramatic number of Pakistanis visit the country every year and now you too know how you can visit this beautiful country. You can get in touch with us anytime and we’ll be happy to solve your queries in the shortest possible time. Best wishes for your Azerbaijan trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our website is not only the easiest visa portal to use but also keeps you updated about the progress of your application. You can connect with us to inquire about the status and payment-related issues, and we take complete responsibility for your application once it is submitted.

Yes, Azerbaijan is among the most picturesque countries in the world. The country is famous for its out-of-the-world architecture, the Burning Mountain, a large number of volcanoes, historical masterpieces, and much more, making it a worth-it tourist place to visit in 2022.

An e-visa is not valid if you’re visiting the country for monetary purposes. You need to visit your local embassy or consulate to apply for an Azerbaijan work and residence permit or get in touch with us to visit the country for purposes that generate profits.

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