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Azerbaijan possesses extraordinary potential when it comes to foreign business avenues. An overwhelming number of business fairs, corporate meets, and business fests are organized in this southwestern Asian country, opening new vistas for those who’re looking forward to entering global economies.

The first step to visiting Azerbaijan for business-related purposes is applying for a business visa by filling out the Azerbaijan business visa application form under the right guidance. This article will explain to you how you can get an Azerbaijan business visa to explore fruitful business opportunities offered by the country.

What is an Azerbaijan Business Visa?

A business visa is a document permitting a traveler to enter Azerbaijan for business-related purposes, given that it doesn’t include monetary deals. In simpler terms, your trip should not generate any profits.

A business visa can be applied for online through the e-visa portal or our website. It may be issued for purposes like attending a business meeting, visiting a business fare, one-to-one meetings, and other business-related purposes. It is important to get a business visa to get started with international markets and thus, you should consult a visa expert today. 

Azerbaijan Visa is known for its extraordinary team of visa consultants and travel experts who’ve guided more than 500k travelers to get an Azerbaijan visa and make it to the country in the smoothest way. You can reach out to us for queries regarding a business visa and we’ll guide you with the most realistic solutions.

Azerbaijan Business E-Visa Requirements

You’re required to fulfill a set of requirements if you’re traveling to Azerbaijan. Here is a list of formalities to fulfill before submitting an Azerbaijan business visa application.

1. Passport 

A passport is a primary document for every international travel as it verifies the identity and nationality of the holder. Your passport should meet the following parameters.

  • Shouldn’t be split, damaged, or torn 
  • Should be converted to a readable soft copy
  • Should have at least 3 blank pages
  • A minimum of 6 months validity after arrival

2. An Invitation Letter from the Host of the Event

The applicant is supposed to own an invitation letter, declaring that he’s invited to the business conference or meeting along with the date, time, and venue of the event. It is an important document as it serves as proof for your purpose of visit.

The invitation letter must follow the following parameters.

  • Must contain the name and stamp of the company along with the signature of the authority 
  • The contact details, purpose, and sponsorship-related details must be clearly specified in the letter.
  • It has to be addressed to the respective diplomatic mission

3. Flight Tickets

The next important document is the flight ticket to Azerbaijan. It must be booked in the name of the traveler who’s visiting the country on a business visa. The flight tickets must be booked for a round trip and should be confirmed in order to serve as a valid document for visa application.

Eligibility Criteria for Azerbaijan Visa Application

The traveler should meet certain conditions to apply for an Azerbaijan visa, otherwise, the visa may be rejected or delayed. The traveler applying for an Azerbaijan business visa must be:

  • Capable of bearing the travel expense throughout his trip duration
  • Should have a genuine and valid reason to travel
  • Should have a strong reason to return to his home country
  • Should meet all the health-related guidelines

And most importantly, he should be able to present all the documents asked for by the Azerbaijan High Commission

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The Wrap Up

Azerbaijan is waiting with extraordinary business opportunities to take your business to a new league. You should not wait to consult a reliable business visa consultant who can help you out with the visa process. Contact us now and open a portal to a more profitable business with golden business opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Azerbaijan offers two types of visas to Indian nationals depending on their duration of travel. Given below is the table showing the cost of different business visas for Indian nationals.


Business Visa Type

Cost (in INR)

Single-Entry Ordinary Business Visa


Single-Entry Urgent Business Visa


An online Azerbaijan business visa is issued only for non-monetary purposes, which means that you can’t invest in Azerbaijan on a business e-visa. However, you need to obtain a special business visa with a work and residence permit to invest in Azerbaijan. Contact us for more information regarding a business visa.

Yes, you can easily apply for a business visa through our website. Simply select your citizenship and living country from the options and you’ll be redirected to the permitted visa types. Select a business visa and continue by following the steps mentioned on the screen.

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